Simple Tech Transition FAQ

Last updated 10/1/18


Are my prices going to change?

All SiteSteward pricing is being honored at this time. We will need to reach out to each customer to update your billing information in our new system to complete the transition. Art will reach out to each client individually to help make this simple and straightforward.


Will the way I pay my bill change?

Art will be reaching out to you to update your billing information in our new system. Besides that things will remain very similar if not the same.


Do I still log into to update my website and create tasks?

Yes. This transition will not impact where or how you edit your current website.


Will I need to call a different phone number?

No. You can still reach Art or Adam by calling 585-647-1101, as usual.


Will I still be working with Art and Adam?

Yes. Both Art and Adam are here and available to answer any questions you may have. We remain steadfast in our commitment to be of service to you!


Will new team members know how to help me?

Absolutely! We are working hard to make sure our two teams come together to best service your needs. We are working together to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible and want to make sure you get the best possible support.


So what is changing right now?

Right now very little is changing. The biggest change you will notice is that when you call our number you may find a new voice or two answering the phones and more options to you as a customer. Besides that we are still the same SiteSteward you are used to, just operating under a different name. You will notice your invoices come from a different email address, but have no fear our pricing has not changed.

Simple Tech
Transition FAQ



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