Domain Names

The right domain name can make all the difference, when it comes to getting found on the internet.  We manage almost all of our customers domain names, on their behalf. You may find cheaper domains elsewhere, but it's hard to match our personal customer service!


How does a domain name help me get found?

Most search engines give your site a better ranking if your domain name has some of the key words in it, that people are searching for.  Also, having your domain name registered for more than one year at a time, can help the reputation of your website, in the eyes of the search engines.


Domain Forwarding

You can also have more than one domain name pointing to your web site.  A common useage of a domain forward (also known as a Park & Point) is, when a company owns the .com domain as well as the .org domain name, yet they both take you to the same place when you visit them in a browser.


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