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Domain Names are important. They are an integral part of your branding. They help you get found and bring traffic to your website & ideas. The world to your doorstep.


They are your intellectual property. They belong to you and should be treated that way. That's why we put in writing that a domain name is the customer's intellectual property.


Because at SiteSteward, we're actually caretakers of most our customers domain names, but we don't have to be. The choice is yours, we're fine either way. We understand the technical aspects so you don't have to and happy to answer questions so you can understand. We're happy to manage customer domain names on their behalf and happy if you're happy to do it yourself. 


Domains are a great way to capture traffic as search engines view them favorably, especially ones with great keywords that relate to your topic. We include a free domain alias with all new domains that can easily be setup to point a domain to a specific website or page.


Our prices reflect that we consider domain names loss leaders for bigger projects. What started as a idea may one day blossom into something that bear fruit. We make them competitive enough that you don't need to go anywhere else. Convenient too, as you can renew it and be done for up to 10 years total for most domains. 


Would you like to see if a domain is available? Are you working on some ideas for a website? We can help! Let us know what you want to accomplish!

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