Why Secure Websites Rank Higher in Search Engines

If you look at Google's official news about how they crawl and index sites, you'll see they rank sites that are secure, higher than those that aren't.


Back in August of 2014, Google stated that security was a top priority for them and they wanted to encourage the use of a secure protocol that encrypts the communication between websites and the people who browse them.


What this means is if you are in a competitive industry and your competitor uses the secure https protocol and your website doesn't, your competitor may enjoy a high pagerank than you, garnering a bigger audience and potentially business you could have had.


These days, it's not the big things that you do on your website that gets you found. It's all the little things that add up. That's why those who encrypt the communication through their site with a secure certificate and dedicated IP address, are likely to have a leg up on their competition until such things are common place throughout the web.


Combine that with a site that is mobile friendly and it may be the one two punch your business needs to knock out the competition.

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