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I made the decision to write more often for my own website and social media sometime ago. Making the decision was the easy part. Talk is cheap right? Putting my words into action... not as easy as talking about it.


I want to write for several reasons. One reason, is that I can reach more people this way. Currently I spend a lot of time, responding to individual emails and Tasks (our internal job ticketing system) from my clients. Often, what I write is the same thing I've said to another client at some point before. While it's great that I take the time to write an individual note to those clients, it's terribly inefficient.


A better approach might be to make a template of those replies, which I have done on occasion, and send them out as my response instead, but it still only reaches one person at a time.


A much better way would be to share what I write publicly. That way, I can reach more than one the person I was trying to help, but so many others as well. Taking it a step further, I have the potential to reach those who are not my customer yet. So where do I share all these thoughts?


The best place for me to share what I write is going to be on our company website. Specifically, on the company blog. Why there and not in social media?


The reason I put my content on our corporate website is because I want you to see the other things I share there. When I tease you about my latest ramblings on Facebook or Twitter, you won't see a list of my other content. You would miss our other blog posts, the products and services we offer, any special promotions we are running and our portfolio. No, when posting on social media, you only see the one thing I am sharing at that time.


One of the main goals in writing content on a website is to attract new visitors that ultimately leads to new business. Content on a website draws potential clients to the site through search engines. Social media and mass email tools like MailChimp act as my bullhorn. I use them to announce and share what I've written. While social media and email blasts are communication tools, they are not the primary communication tool, that is what the blog is for.


Yes, but doesn't a website lack the interaction you get from social media?


Not if you allow your audience to comment on your blog, something many won't do out of fear. Fear that someone is going to say something negative or inflammatory. Yet, every time a customer complains, a business owner has an opportunity to do the right thing. Each opportunity handled well can turn a negative into a positive, publicly! If one person is having a problem, isn't it likely that others are having the same issue? As a business owner wouldn't you want to know this? It's sad to say that for some, they would rather not know, but that is not the hallmark of a successful business.


Besides, negative comments are not usually the norm. More often you'll find people who agree with you, or those who are grateful for that one bit of information they needed, or better yet, those with a question. Questions are opportunities for you to help, which often leads to new business. So I encourage all you bloggers out there to act bold and allow your audience to comment on what you share.


So to quickly recap, I'm writing to save time, reach more people and promote my business, is that it?


Honestly, no. The main reason I want to write is because I genuinely care about my customers. I take a personal interest in their goals and want to see them succeeds. What's the best way I can help them do that? Lead by example! How does that work?


Until 1954, no one had ever run a mile faster than 4 minutes. It was a barrier no one could overcome, until Roger Banister came along and broke the record. After that many many more have broken that once impossible barrier.


So what changed? It wasn't our bodies. It had nothing to do with the track or technology. There weren't any special cloths that allowed so many men and women to break a barrier that was long thought to be impossible to break. No, the reason so many broke the 4 minute barrier after Roger Banister did is because they knew it could be done. Knowing was half the battle and by leading by example, I can show you, it can be done. Leading by example is one of the best ways I can help my customers reach their website goals.


It's one thing for a General to sit in the rear and tell his army where to march, it's another to be upfront and lead the fight. By practicing what I preach, I'll experience what my clients experience. I'll know their challenges and together we'll forge new solutions. I'll interact with more people, gain more experience and ultimately help more reach their own goals. That's why I want to write.


Until next time,

Either write something worth reading
or do something worth writing.
-- Ben Franklin

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