Where Am I? or Does your audience know they have arrived?

A young woman approached me about her new web site. We talked about her goals and the audience that she envisions coming back to her web site, when we started discussing her layout and design.


She wants to blog and that is going the anchor on her home page, yet she still wants to promote her different services. We talked about a slide show above the blog entries that would fill that role and I could see she was getting excited and beginning to visualize her new web site coming together.


I asked her if she thought the slide show would go better for her up in the header (it's important to think of and utilize your "screen real estate" effectively. She said no, she preferred the slide show under the navbar and the focus of our conversation was then on the header itself.


Often people will put a logo or an image in the header but sometimes when I get to their site I wonder if I've made it to the right place. Sometimes people forget to consider what their current offline media looks like, such as business cards or letterhead and the impact on their audience's ability to make the connection between their offline and online media.


I knew she had just received her new business cards and so I reminder her that whatever she chose for her header, to make sure that when someone arrive at her site, via her business card or other offline media, to make sure they would know without a doubt, that they had arrived at the right place.

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