Upgrades: Are you up-to-date?

Websites are like a lot of things. You need to upgrade them from time to time as technology changes. Companies that make web browsers add new capabilities and adopt emerging standards that impact how websites are displayed. 


Over time, trends on the internet will come and go. It’s vital that you are seen in the most positive way possible by your audience in order to get your message across before your competition does. 


With perception being in the eye of the beholder and knowing that you only get one chance to make a first impression, intelligent people see the value in keeping their website up to date. Busy people will appreciate these quick bullet points about upgrades:


  • An upgrade may or may not include a redesign of how the site looks.

  • Customers with older sites will have more things to upgrade than a newer site. 

  • Upgrades typically include:
    • Updating the URL’s (the address to a web page) to be more search engine friendly.
    • Adding a dynamic site map (a tool search engines use and help you get found) that changes automatically as you change your site. 
    • Adding a “Responsive Design” so that your site is easy to navigate and view no matter what type of device it is displayed on. 
    • Some sites even change the look of the site (we call this a redesign) when they get an upgrade. 
    • Converting from an older website “Package” to an “A La Carte” subscription. 


Upgrades range from $250 to $649 depending on what needs to be upgraded and typically takes anywhere from two to six weeks to complete, depending on our current work load.


A ten minute phone call with our upgrade expert Jon Dalton can help ensure that when people go to your website, they don’t leave as quickly as they came.  A successful site, doesn’t create a bad first impression, it accomplishes your goals and communicates effectively with your audience. What does your website say about you? Reach out to Jon today!

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