Our Office Has Moved!

This past week, SiteSteward, Inc. moved to our new office located in Hilton New York. While our mailing address has changed, our servers and websites remain up and running at a separate location and were not part of the move.


The reason for the move was more for personal reasons than business. CEO Art Wheat and his wife Christine both grew up in Hilton and had the opportunity to move to the log cabin home that Christine's father built. One of the great things about working in a technology company like SiteSteward is how you can work from virtually anywhere, making the move much less complicated than other types of businesses.


While our phone numbers, website and email addresses have not changed, our new mailing address is shown below:


SiteSteward, Inc.
188 Huffer Rd.
Hilton, NY 14468


We're excited to be back in Hilton and look forward to becoming involved with and serving both our local and global communities.

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