If you do nothing else in 2018 with your website, make it mobile friendly!

Make It Mobile Friendly! 


If your site isn’t mobile friendly and secure, you are going to be another tree in the forest at the bottom of Google’s search results that few ever see, let alone click on. I’ve pulled no punches and given you brutal truth right up front. Sites that are not mobile friendly are almost as dead as the yellow pages! You need to hightail it out of that quagmire if you ever plan the rank well on the internet.


Let’s face it, Google makes the rules now. They didn’t always make the rules and they probably won’t dictate much of how the internet works forever, but for now it’s important to rank well on Google. If your site isn’t mobile friendly and secure (security is an important topic as well), then all your other efforts put together, will likely have nowhere near the impact of taking the basic step of upgrading your older site to make it mobile friendly.


If you’re shopping for a new site, whether you are starting over with a new developer or embarking on your first website, ensure your developer builds a mobile friendly and secure site for you. The meta of the internet is always in constant flux and it’s important to adapt to give Google what it wants in order to rank well. Google is by far the most used search engine. It’s results are also quietly used behind the scenes in many other search engines as well. 


It also didn’t take long for phones and tablets to supplant traditional computers to search the internet. The first iPhone was released in June of 2007 dramatically expanding the cell phone market. By August of 2013 more people found what they were looking for using phones and tablets than desktops and laptops making mobile a trend that could not be ignored.


There are other benefits to an upgraded site depends on how old it is. Important things like getting your site’s URLs to be search engine friendly and an automated sitemap that changes as you modify your site. These are just a few of the little things that add up to a big difference in how Google sees and ranks your site. Not sure if your site is mobile friendly? Google has a page where you can check your site and if you find you’re one of the shrinking number that is not, give us a shout to upgrade your site! We’re affordable, easy to work with and most important, we can help! (585) 647-1101. If you do nothing else in 2018, get your site upgraded and mobile friendly.

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