Does your site have a "mobile friendly" Responsive Design?

Have you ever gone to a website and it either didn’t load properly, didn’t work the way you expected or was difficult to navigate. Imagine that happening on your website for every customer who visits via a phone or tablet! How would you feel about that?


You would probably wouldn’t ignore an issue like that. Most likely you would do something about it! Most would update their site so that it had a Responsive Design. 


A Responsive Design adapts the layout to the viewing environment. It is a method of coding a website, with the goal of creating the best possible viewing experience, no matter what type of device is being used to view it. Users will be able to view and navigate a website with a minimum amount of resizing, panning, and scrolling. 


It won't be long before people will expect a website to be mobile friendly with their phones and tablets. We’re not at that point in time yet, where most people would simply leave a due to the lack of a Responsive Design, but those days are numbered. People who don’t plan for the future now, will be dealing with this issue sooner than they think. If you want to keep the audience you worked so hard to attract, you need a Responsive Design. 


Fortunately, every new SiteSteward site incorporates a Responsive Design. Peace of mind for a business or non-profit can be had from the very start. 


Existing customers have two options to upgrade. SiteSteward can upgrade the back end code alone, much like a mechanic can drop in a new engine into a vehicle, that gives your old site new life, making your upgraded site friendly for mobile customers. Plus you get the added benefit of improved website URL’s and an automated, dynamic site map that helps optimize your site for search engines. The cost is a simple time charge that typically ranges between $250 and $450.


The second option is to just redesign the entire site. You’ll get a brand new, beautiful custom design, by an artist dedicated to bring life to your vision, that includes a Responsive Design for a one time price of $749. Customers who act before December 31st 2014, can pick up a sweet deal for only $649 and save $100.

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