Do you have a “Keyword List?” If not, you need to brainstorm one!

A short & simple, step-by-step guide to creating your Keyword List:
The first step is to brainstorm. That means there are no bad ideas. Write up every single word or phrase someone might use to search for your website.
Next, you’ll want to sort that list. You'll want the words people would most likely use in a search engine to find you at the top of your list and those least likely to be used at the bottom. Make sure to review your Keyword List periodically, adding and ranking additional words as you come across them.
A great place to find new keywords that you may not have considered, is to check your website statistics. Some website statistics packages (like ours), include a list of keywords people have used to find your website. Our customers can easily find a link to their website statistics next to their domain name when they login to
Don’t forget about adding geographic words to the list. Include town and city names where you perform your work. Add regions and even colloquial phrases like “Upstate New York” or "Southern California.”
Then when it comes time for you to get a new domain, you need a title for that new web page your working on or you want to optimize your site, you’ll have this vital tool at your disposal to review, your website “Keyword List!"

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