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content, blog, seo, search enginesOn the Internet, Content is King. You may have the most beautiful design, the best user interface and the fastest, most reliable web server on the market, but if you don't have content, there is nothing to find. 


Think about it, outside of a personal referral, a search engine is your most likely source of Internet traffic. Search engines have virtual robots that collect a website's available code, which includes all the content on the website. Search engines then use what they found on your website to provide relevant search results for the person looking to find something on the Internet. In fact, that is one of the search engine's primary goals. To provide relevant search results for those using the search engine. After all, who is going to use a search engine that doesn't help you find what you are looking for?


That raises an important question. If search engines use content from the websites they crawl, to power the results they provide, and your site has the same basic information that many other sites have, how are you going to stand out? How are you going to really drive traffic to your website and make it the true success you intended it to be when you first set it up? I'll tell you how in one word. Content!


Content is King! Why? If there is nothing there, there is nothing to find. If there is nothing to find on your website, why would anyone want to go there? You've got to have content. But what if you don't know what to write? What if you don't have time? What if you don't know where to start?


As CEO of SiteSteward, I've seen and heard all the excuses as to why people don't update the content on their websites. I can truly relate for I have many of the same reasons for not updating our own website. You probably know the saying: "The cobblers kids never have any shoes." Well the web developer's website is often the site he works on least. Why work on my own website, when I have work to be done on my clients' websites? Yet for our own website to be a success, I need to practice what I've been preaching to my clients for years. I need to be adding relevant content to our website and lead by example, but why do it alone?


Imagine if I were to write about all of my own challenges I face in getting content on our website, the struggle to come up with ideas, the difficulty in finding the time. What if I shared the wisdom I've learned over the years that help make a website successful and at the same time, challenged my audience to do the same, to write their own articles or add a blog to their website. Wouldn't we both benefit? Wouldn't the audience of both our websites benefit too?


I've often heard it said it takes 21 days to form a habit. While that may or may not be true, I'm going to challenge myself to post 21 Blog Entries between now and then end of 2014, but I'm not going to do it alone. I'd like you to join me. Take up my challenge and blog with me. We'll do it together where we will share and address the challenges we face. I'll help you get started and together we will we drive traffic to our mutual websites where our viewers will benefit. 21 blog entries between now and a date you can live with. That's my challenge for me. That's my challenge for you. Take up the SiteSteward Blog Challenge and watch your website soar to a new level of success. 



To your success!


Art Wheat

CEO, SiteSteward, Inc.



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