Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Is your website ready?

Friday the 25th of November. Know what day that is? It's Black Friday. Three days later is Cyber Monday. Two of the biggest shopping days of the year! A little more than 20 days away, from the time this article was written. Plenty of time to prepare something to offer your an audience that is actively surfing for deals!


You don't need twelve things to offer. You don't need six or eight. One thing alone, might be all you need. Sure more is better and more likely to attract attention, but if you could think of one thing that your audience would love, what would it be? Twenty four days and ticking... 


What do you need to pull this off?

  • A photo would be great. Pictures draw your audience in and have been scientifically proven to show greater engagement of an audience.

  • A brief description will help. You can gussy it up with some marketing polish once you've written it to whip your audience up into a buying frenzy, but for starters, just share what you've got and why people need it.

  • A title that grabs attention and a fantastic price is all that's left and you may have the start of something great! How much time would if take you to do that? Rinse and repeat a couple of times and you just might turn some heads as both you and your audience enjoy the benefits of a small time investment on your part.

Tick tock. Opportunity awaits. When your audience is surfing the web for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, will they be going to a completing website or yours? Contact for expert help with your website marketing needs.

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