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Our team has grown!
Posted by Art Wheat on 10/01/2018

SiteSteward is excited to announce that effective October 1st we have teamed up with Simple Tech Innovations to expand of both our staff and capabilities to better serve you!

Rank better on search engines with https secure encryption.
Posted by Art Wheat on 08/24/2018

Did you know that in July of 2018, Google started marking sites that don't use secure encryption as unsecure?


Imagine someone landing on your website for the very first time only to find you lack the secure lock icon they see on other sites. Do you think they will continue to browse your site or look for a competitor? What would you do?


Continue reading our brief article on the importance of a securely encrypted website and how it impacts your ranking with search engines.

If you do nothing else in 2018 with your website, make it mobile friendly!
Posted by Art Wheat on 05/10/2018

There's one thing you need to do if you don't want to be another tree in the forest at the bottom of Google’s search results. I’ve pulled no punches and given you brutal truth right up front. If you only do one thing for your website in 2018, make sure you make it Mobile Friendly to get your site back in the game!

Does upgrading or redesigning a website make a great expense for a year end tax deduction?
Posted by Jessie K Pepper CPA on 12/21/2016

As 2016 comes to a close, business owners and non-profits are looking for ways to lessen their tax burden. It seems counter intuitive to spend money in order to save money and not all deductions are created equal, making it difficult to know what makes a wise purchase. "Why spend frivolously on something that is not going to generate revenue?" asks our guest blogger Jessie Pepper, partner and CPA with Wheeler, Pepper and Company. Read on for Jessie's take, when considering your options.

Why Secure Websites Rank Higher in Search Engines
Posted by Art Wheat on 11/14/2016

Is your website secure? Does it actually encrypt the communication between your audience and your website? Google says you need this to rank higher in searches! 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: Is your website ready?
Posted by Art Wheat on 11/04/2016

When your audience is surfing the web for deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, will they be going to the competition's website or will it be yours? Keep it simple and rake in your share of the holiday shopping this season.

Our Office Has Moved!
Posted by Art Wheat on 10/21/2016

This past week, SiteSteward, Inc. moved to our new office located in Hilton New York. While our mailing address has changed, our servers and websites are remain up and running at a separate location and were not part of the move.

Do you have a “Keyword List?” If not, you need to brainstorm one!
Posted by Art Wheat on 07/14/2016

A simple, step-by-step guide to creating this vital tool for your search engine marketing.

Why I Blog
Posted by Art Wheat on 05/11/2016

When you own a business or run a non-profit, there is always plenty to do. Often priorities are chosen for you by the people you serve. It's easy to fall into the trap of taking care of the everyday, short term immediate needs, while ignoring long term, big picture goals. Writing content for your website and blogging often get put off due to the latest fire. That's true not only for many of my customers, but myself as well. It's easy to say I am going to write or blog more often, but when I look at all the things I've checked off at the end of the day, all to often, the website plays second fiddle to the days immediate concerns. You know you need to add content to your website, but it never seems to happen. To change that, you have to have a reason why. In this article, I share mine.

Where Am I? or Does your audience know they have arrived?
Posted by Art Wheat on 10/15/2015

A young woman approached me about her new web site. We talked about her goals and the audience that she envisions coming back to her web site, when we started discussing her layout and design...

Does your site have a "mobile friendly" Responsive Design?
Posted by Art Wheat on 12/09/2014

Have you ever gone to a website on your phone or iPad and it either didn’t load properly, didn’t work the way you expected or was difficult to navigate. Imagine that happening on your website! You would probably wouldn’t ignore an issue like that. You would probably join many who are switching to a Responsive Design. Learn more... 

Upgrades: Are you up-to-date?
Posted by Art Wheat on 11/12/2014

Websites are like a lot of things. You need to upgrade them from time to time as technology changes. Companies that make web browsers add new capabilities and adopt emerging standards that impact how websites are displayed. Read more...

SiteSteward, Inc. is giving away Grants!
Posted by Art Wheat on 08/13/2014

Time is Money!

At SiteSteward, we thrive on the referrals our customers send our way. Giving back seems only natural as a small token of our gratitude which is why we’re giving away grants! Grants as in $50 bills! 



Learn how to get yours!


When it comes to key words, who has the edge, you or your competition?
Posted by Art Wheat on 03/19/2014

key word, key word list, key phraseYou hear about Search Engine Optimization or SEO all the time from web professionals. You're told it's important, yet few tell you why, let alone how. It ends up being one of those nefarious things many people assume must cost a lot of money, or they don't have time to do it, so they ignore it. But take out the hype and you'll find when it comes to search engines, it all boils down to words. Key words! Do you know what yours are?

Content is King / The SiteSteward Blog Challenge
Posted by Art Wheat on 02/28/2014

content, blog, seo, search engines

On the Internet, Content is King. If you don't have content, there is nothing there for a search engine to find. One of the best and least expensive ways to add great content to your website is to write brief articles, yet so many just don't do it. Understanding why Content is King, might bring the motivation needed to propel your site to new levels of success.


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Links shared during our recent presentation: From Seed to Harvest… 
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